Fendi Bag De Jour

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  1. Does anyone have any feedback on this bag? I like the look of the leather...but havent seen it in person...
  2. You know I love this bag. I saw an all leather one the other day and it was gorgeous!!!

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  3. Is it soft leather?...I like a bag with a lot of give to it
  4. I love the color of the bag you posted, Greenie!!!
  5. Yes, I tried it on. It can be worn on the arm or the shoulder. The leather is very soft. There are "clasps" that hold the bag in at the top so that it can be worn "narrow" as pictured above with the top clasps together or more "wide" with the the clasps detached. I believe there are at least two sizes of the bag. The hardware details on the bag are very subtle and struck me as slightly "western".
  6. I love this bag! It looks gorgeous! Anyone know how much it is?
  7. I can't recall off-hand, but it seems to me that one size was around 1,500 or so USD.
  8. I googled it and it turns out it's related to the bugly crown bag posted before. Amazing how brothers and sisters can be so different.. someone was on the right side of the gene pool!