Fendi Bag Bugs

  1. I just called Saks from the tip that lilpinkbunnies gave me, and they said this morning they had a bunch in, but then someone bought all of them! Im assuming that was you BethC ! You are so lucky! My search for Snobius continues :'(
  2. I wanted to get the green one with the pink eyebrow, do anyone know the name of the green one?

    I'm still considering if I should, it cost around USD730 here in HK. How much are these in US?

  3. Saks in NYC?? I'm so sorry!!

    I didn't see that when she said Saks, she meant "my" saks. I don't think the fendi store had one, but did you call to ask? Also, try Bloomies.

  4. Yes! The saks in nyc! When I said "I can see that someone just bought 3 :sad:" the sales associate said "how could you see that!" I told her that I have magic powers, and that I am a user of the purse forum lol .... but guess what!? I just called saks in Short Hills NJ , and they found 1 snobius for me and are going to ship it to me in Toronto! I cannot believe how lucky I am!

  5. Great news!! YaY!!!

    The funny thing is, I never get to go to lunch. Had a doctors appointment across the street so I stopped in to see what they had, I am sorry!
  6. Here they are... For those of you that are old enough to remember the original Star Trek... There was a great episode called "the trouble with tribbles" where these little puffs kept re-producing everywhere!!

    On top- Disbloo and Ferigami
    On bottom - Snowibus, Wild Jess
    I think the names are right?


  7. Whew! :happydance: I'm so glad this had a happy ending!

  8. I think it's "Diabloo", like he's a little bit evil :devil: lol. I'm not technically old enough, but I am a trekkie and totally know which episode you're talking about! I actually just watched it the other night :borg: To me, these buggies are like Pokémon for fashionable & fun-loving adult women... and you're supposed to catch them all! :biggrin:

  9. Yes, Diabloo, darn spellcheck! Even I only saw the original Star Trek during in syndication. But that was one of the most memorable episodes!

    I can't wait to see the karlito one IRL, although I am beginning to think it looks like a shrunken head, no?

  10. It does! Like a little voodoo shrunken head lol
  11. LilPinkBunnies I saw that on Neiman Marcus' website a few days ago too! Aparantly Fendi did so unbelievably well with their bag bug sales, that they will continue to make them in future seasons. I am not sure how many they will come out with, but that one is so cute, I am sure there will be even cuter ones to come!
  12. I have seen a few people with these and I REALLYYYYYY want one, I think they're out of my reach right now :sad: which is a shame!
  13. Nutty is super cute! :smile:
  14. Definitely jealous of your collection! They're so adorable and now I really want to have one. Definitely one of the best bag charms I've seen.