Fendi Bag Bugs

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  1. New to me in mint condition wild jess IMG_20180620_172045.jpg IMG_20180620_173137.jpg
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  3. Hi, I know you asked a while ago, but here is a pic of the mum on my Neverfull PM. The charm is pretty big, I’d say.
  4. Furry monster is sooooohhhh SOFT!!!!
  5. I love your “By the way”. I’m thinking of getting one myself. How do like your purse? Does it wear well over time? How is the leather holding up? I really want one but am concerned that the leather may scratch easily. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you in Advance. :wave:
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  6. This bug is so furry. IMG_20181204_204133.jpg
  7. Hi Guys, any advice on how to fix Karlitos hair back into place? Have som strays starting to stick out. Or should I trim them?
  8. Karlito hanging out
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  9. Not a bug, but tOday I visited the fendi website and saw a bag charm with a tote in it. I think this is so ingenious. What a great concept. I decided to order it and can’t wait to receive it. :biggrin:
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  10. Can’t wait to see it!!! Congrats!!
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  11. :smile:
    I’ve been wanting a bug charm for awhile, but never got one. So when I saw this charm with a tote bag. I couldn’t resist. I’m always needing totes. :biggrin: This will be perfect.
    I went for the free shipping; not sure if I will get it the end of this week or next. Hoping it comes fast.
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  12. OMG I ordered it today and it’s coming tomorrow!!! I got a UPS confirmation. :nuts:
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  13. As I mentioned, not a bag bug, but I received my bag charm/tote bag today. I love it!!!!:nuts:


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