Fendi Bag Bugs

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  1. IMG_3062.jpg
    Carrying a Ferragamo furbag with my cute Grimmy in snowstorm
  2. Aww! :P Love your Grimmy, Serva1! :hbeat: He looks so brave in the snowstorm! ;)
  3. Thank you dear crisbac, he is a winter bagcharm and loves the snow
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  4. Anyone know if Fendi is planning to release new bag bugs soon? I am really interested in the larger styles ones, like kooky. They currently have the minis which are cute, but I was hoping for a big one. Thanks!
  5. First and only Bag Bug; Dazzling. :heart: Purchased in 2017.

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  6. Your Dazzling is adorable, Bagologist! :hbeat::loveeyes:
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  9. Anyone know if the initial bag charms (the big fur balls) are completely discontinued?
  10. I would assume so. The remaining ones were marked down at end of season, so it must have been a seasonal offering. They had them on the sale section of fendi.com until it was taken down within the last couple weeks.
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  11. New baby!! I am in love and the fur is so incredibly soft - bought second hand from Luxury Next Season

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  12. Absolutely gorgeous! :hbeat: A great find! Huge congrats, ohmyjessah! :smile:
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  13. My new bug IMG_1431.jpg
  14. Love love love! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Huge congrats, Karianne! :smile: