Fendi Bag Bugs

Nov 30, 2011
Big congrats, Natalie j! :smile: You buggie is so pretty! :loveeyes: And it goes so well with everything! I hope we know the name soon!

Wow! Fendi really jazzed up your Kelly perfectly! The pairing of the blue eyelids and strap is spot on!

Thanks guys! He's the winter mini size bug which is replacing lagoon I think. I went into the boutique to get a flower strap but of course they don't have any left. [emoji849]


Aug 9, 2014
Thank you Crisbac and the ladies at authenticate thread to help me get my dream bug- Kurioso
I can't believe how many I got with a month lol. I am so in love with bag charms and got 2 H rodeo charms also but not in the photo.

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Family photo with my fox trails charm
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I'm sure there is more to come. Thank you everyone.

I saw this photo on Purseblog which is from Instagram. Does anyone know what is its name and when was it offer? I doubt is Fendi but want to check
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I love your Kurioso!! I'm so jealous, I've been wanting him forever :sad:.
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Crazy Handbag Lady
Sep 29, 2011
Great pictures, ceedoan! :nuts: They are so cute!! :hbeat: Thanks for sharing! And thanks for sharing their names: flashy and punkfur! :flowers:

hehe thanks!! yeah they're so cute, we all live in different cities so hoping one day when we're all together our buggies will be with us and we can finally get a group pic lol. i love finding out their names!! my cousin got his punkfur from the recent matches sale and we both had no idea who this guy was until my aunt got hers. all bugs come with the passport book now and we finally found out his name!! and flashy is such an appropriate name for that neon yellow furball!! :lol:
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