Fendi Baby Spy

  1. Hey girls..
    Bluefly was crazy this morning with all their Spys, Chloes, and Balenciagas..

    I was able to snatch up a white spy hobo.. excited! :nuts:

    Anyways, I have a fendi baby spy in light brown in my cart still. If anyone wants it PM me and I'll release it..
  2. I thought Bluefly only sold authentic items?
  3. today they let a TON of fake B-Bags through...
  4. Yeah, I just caught up...wow.
  5. OMG.... bluefly lets the occasional fake thru??? I was looking at some of their stuff too... *scared* guess I'll pass on that website now too.
  6. that's soo sad
  7. Yea, I bought a white fendi spy hobo this morning (it was s:huh:o beautiful) than two hours later I called and cancelled, after reading through the Balenciaga thread frenzy.

    It's the first and last time I'll ever buy designer stuff online!
  8. I saw the 3 Balenciaga bags they posted and their pictures looked too plastic and fake. I still love the teal First though... :love:
  9. has anyone taken a bag they bought from bluefly to a store to authenticate it, only to find out it's a fake?

    what's the return policy anyways?

    that's lame. stupid fakes.
  10. I just bought a Fendi shoes from bluefly recently ( this past week ). It was my first ever purchase from Bluefly. I don't regret it. I can vouch that the shoes that I bought is for real. I'm a proud Fendi lover, I have purchased many Fendi ( handbags, shoes, boots, sunglasses ) from Fendi store in Jakarta, Rodeo Drive, Vegas and Holt Renfrew. I can guarantee you that the Fendi shoes that I purchased from Bluefly is definitely not a fake.