Fendi Baby Spy On ibuy...PLEASE HELP

  1. Hi

    Does anyone else watch ibuy? They say the bags that they sell are authentic the only thing is. The Fendi baby spy (i think thats what its called) is always on, the one with the brown leather and zucca in the middle. Anyway that actual bag has a plain beige interior lining, and on ibuy they sell them with the zucca lining. And also there was a black one with zucca instead of the brown... I called fendi to see if they have changed it, but they said no the bag has a beige canvas lining, which i already knew and also that bag doesnt come in a black with zucca, so are ibuy conning everyone into believing that there buying an authentic designer bag???

    Does anyone know if they have changed that lining? Its making me wonder, and they shouldnt be able to get away with this, because i called the ibuy customer services and they said there definetly authentic, they come with dustbag and cards e.t.c and i couldnt help myself i said well all the fakes come with those aswell, and she said well the ones we sell are authentic. There also selling them for £550, which is the price in selfridges and harvey nichols. In london there £580.00 and its on ibuy now its gone down to £450.00.

    Does anyone else know about this?
  2. Most likely it is fake. To be sure of authenticity, only the actual boutiques or department stores can be trusted.
  3. So does anyone know if the spy bags on ibuy are real or fake?
  4. fake, fake, fake, stay away.
  5. Yep i reckon there so fake. My mums been talkin to fendi and they said there going to contact ibuy, FINALLY.

    The lady on the phone from fendi said that there most probably fake but then they could be genuine. They are going to look into it. The thing is they've got to be fake because that bag doesnt come in a zucca lining. Italy dont have it and no fendi store has it, OH BUT IBUY DO. WOW!
    So there conning everyone. Also that bag doesnt come in a black leather have zucca, only if the bags all leather. So what else does that tell you??? FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!
  6. There is a big thread in the Handbag and Purses section about ibuy - you migh want to check that out as well as a lot of replies on there about peoples experiences of ibuy.
  7. Hi
    Thanks i know i have already read them. I wont post again as i have already posted on here.

    Thanks again :smile: