fendi b wallets - faked yet?

  1. hey guys :smile: it's my first time posting on the forum, i've always read thepurseblog but never signed up for the forum, i don't know why! so a big hello to all of you :smile:

    i was wondering if anyone knew it the fendi b wallets have been faked yet? thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Yes they have in great abundance. In fact we had one submitted today on the : "Authenticate this Fendi" thread that both Deco and I determined was a fake.
  3. yes! they are EVERYWHERE as are the bags, nothing is sacred anymore, the minute they are in seen on a celeb it's copied plus all the matching accessories, i even saw one of the fake giant harware balenciagas today and it's pretty rare to see people carrying one of those-even celebs