Fendi b-SHOES??!!!!!!! OOOOH!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I like all the shoes pictured in this thread. :smile:
  2. Out of all of the buckle items that Fendi is making this year, I kind of like the belts the best.
  3. Now, I would wear those toilet seats :lol: Those are actually really cute.
  4. Those are pretty fierce! Roar! :lol:
  5. I actually like them, although would need to see them on! I am always looking for a pair of cute flats!
  6. I think they are very cute, they look comfortable.
  7. Me too :nuts: I think if I hadn't read it I would have thought that the bags were fabulous :suspiciou

    The shoes don't look too bad though :P
  8. i like the shoes since the buckles are a little more in proportion than on the bag. i must admit that the bags have grown on me, though.
  9. I'm not too keen on the flats, I looooovvveee the heels and my budget is safe because eluxury only has a 36.5 and a 38.5 left!
    I don't know whether to :lol: or :cry: !
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the B buckle ballerina flats? I saw them on someone today and I think I'm in love....
  11. ^ I m going to get me a pair tomorrow,They are on hold(the ballerinas!) will let ya know!
  12. did u get them yet????