Fendi b-SHOES??!!!!!!! OOOOH!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok-Do you remember when I posted a pic of the Fendi B Wallet???NOW... I found the shoes....OMG!!!!!!
    I live in flats(Bad back!) and I want these BAD!!!!
    Does anyone know how Fendi runs size-wise...in Blahnik and Chanel...I have to buy 1 size up......Opinions???
    Love...sniff! Intervention....!!!!!!Must ...have....these.......!!!!
  2. like these shoes...I usually wear a 37 and for fendi i need 37 too...i think the sizes are pretty regular
  3. saggy boobies and toilet seats on your feet. Nice. :biggrin:
  4. ^^^ouch....!
    tell me how you really feel about these shoes!!!????????hee!hee!
    to each his own opinion!!!
    too funny!
  5. ever since the thread about the bag, I have never seen the Fendi B line in the same way
  6. Thanks...I think you just cured my infatuation/lust with these shoes...My husband and my bank account thank you.......!!!
  7. haha
  8. Noooo! I have no idea what allison is talking about, that just confused the hell outta me! lol but I think they are cute!
  9. I will have to pass on these
  10. Uhm, Those shoes are gorgeous!! (the yellow ones in your message) YUM!!!!! but wow...so high. :smile:
  11. Wow, those Fendi shoes are really gorgeous.
  12. Those are ADORABLE!!!

    :smile: get them!
  13. They are cute....but I have a feeling you can find something really similar at a fraction of the price.
  14. They are a little geriatric- I never did like to whole Greecian flats things. I do, however, LOVE :love: the b heels! Sorry about the back- probably not making it easy.:sad:


    $450 at eluxury
  15. These shoes are gorgeous :love: