FENDI B or Marc Jacobs hobo???

  1. I'm trying to decide whether to get the Fendi B in taupe or the new Marc Jacobs hobo in the nutmeg color (or do you like the black? too trendy?).[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I guess I just feel the MJ is generally getting overly trendy but I like this bag a lot and think I would get a lot of use out of it. I'm a petite girl (the MJ bag is kinda big) and have light brown/blond hair and fair skin. What do you gals think??​
  2. I really like both bags. I have the MJ Hobo Stam in Mouse and love it. I get lots of compliments on it. I think it's gorgeous in the black. I wasn't able to get mine in black but I would go for it if you can find it.

    The Fendi B is also great but I personally like the leather better on the MJ.
  3. In terms of style and size, I (5-footer) like Fendi's B.Bag more than MJ's Stam Hobo. I love.....love B.Bag in leather with patent trim (Black on Black or Bone on Black), the chain straps are beautiful & the leather is so soft. Color-wise, I like Cashew more than Taupe; Medium B.Bag in Tan/Black combination is my favorite, it's absolutely gorgeous.

  4. What is mouse? Is that the same as cashew? I really do love the black (who doesn't) but I feel like changing it up a bit for fall. Also sometimes black tends to look a bit heavy (?)
  5. For me the hobo was too big also. I am 5.2 115lbs. Lovely bag, but it's big. You'd have to try it on and feel comfortable. I ended up with a Sophia and a small bowler.
  6. Yeah I totally know what you mean bonniec. It is not a small bag. I'm 5'6' tho...haha it's totally obvious which bag I'm leaning toward. I just love the Fendi generally but I just think it's so expensive and so rare to get an authentic one off of eBay. I tried the MJ hobo on today and loved it too. Do you girlies think that the MJ hobo is a good "carry to work" bag?
  7. I am a brunette (long hair) with very fair complexion, I was in LOVE when I tried Bone on Black Medium B.Bag in real life. Pictures don't do this bag any justice, it is a TDF bag that can be worned as a shoulder and hand-held bag. I even saved a picture on my computer, don't remember where it was from (probably NM online). =)

    I love the original Stam (frame bag), I feel overwhelmed by its size though.
  8. ^ I think B-bags are TDF too! I love the design. I'm leaning more towards this, but you really have to choose on what works best for you. I like the black hobo, because it's classic, but cashew and mouse are nice too.
  9. Mouse and Cashew are 2 different colors.

    Cashew is like a milk chocolate color. The color of the leather varies in different batches: Earlier shipment came with lighter colored leather so the contrast stitching was very obvious. The leather in later deliveries was darker so the stitching blends in more.

    Mouse is described as this season's Taupe with grey undertone, it's a hit or miss color for MJ lovers (some love it, others hate it).

    Shoptwigs' pictures of Banana Hobo in Cashew (1st pic) and Mouse (2nd pic):

  10. With your height, you will look great with any Stam! If you like Stam Hobo, go for it. It's really a personal preference, I like the original Stam more b/c I love frame bags.

    Fendi's B.Bag can be dressed up and down, I can see it with suits and jeans. =)
  11. Definitely, i have been using the hobo to work for this week and found it very practical and stylish. I have ppl starring at my bag all the time.
    I haven't personally seen the Fendi B, so i can't really tell which is better...