Fendi B Metallic Slides

  1. fendi metallic B mule1.jpg
  2. ^^OH MY NERD!!! I just saved those to watch em. Out of my size but I am praying a return on a pair of 9.5 or 10. Both NM and Berg have em on sale.
  3. They are beautiful aren't they? I got them in the silver size 10, but probably could have done the 9.5 (my foot is strange LOL).

    I got mine from Eluxury...check their site out. They had them in both the gold and silver and maybe they are having returns too?

    Good luck!
  4. Elux was where I first feel in love with them. But once they went on sale they sold out before I could get my hands on a gold pair:crybaby:
  5. If I see them again, I will message you! :smile: I'm online at really random times. LOL
  6. so cute, wish they had my size.
  7. aaawww....thank you:heart: