Fendi B in Tan - £630

  1. Just bought the Fendi B in tan with black patent for £630. Was this a good deal???
  2. ^ In US Dollars..???!
  3. british pounds
  4. Fantastic deal - where did you get it?
  5. Harvey Nichols Edinburgh in the sale. They had one in the tan, one in the black and about 5 or six of the white canvas ones which are smaller for about £300
  6. So jealous - I only went yesterday and must have missed it. I got mine from Selfridges.

    I was tempted by the black patent but couldn't really see myself carrying it often. I'm spending my sale budget on the chocolate spy.

    I :heart: Harvey Nicks
  7. No way!
    I just bought the chocolate spy yesterday!!!!!

    Re missing the Fenid B - I had dinner in the restaurant first so that I was at least in the store when the sale preview started at 6.30 with that in mind I got first dabs on everything. Apparently there was 9 people in during the day who said they were coming back at 6.30 to get the Fendi but heh I guess I was in the right place at the right time! Not often that happens!
    Did you get your spy in HN? I love HN too its my favourite place and coz all the SA know me they do loads of favours that they wouldnt normally!
    Do you have an account card to get the better deals?
  8. No, I haven't got it yet. We have a guest over this weekend but I'll try and sneak in to HN tomorrow. It's my birthday on Monday so I want it in time for that.

    I don't have an account card, I think it'll be an excuse for me to do even more shopping. I'm out of control as it is.

    :biggrin: We could be handbag twins - we sound as if we have/like the same ones. Which others do you own?
  9. They had 2 of the choco spys when I was in yesterday. Fingers crossed they are still there tomorrow.
  10. We could be handag twins - it's a bit bizarre!
    I only use my card for the sale and card holder evenings and it is worthwhile having one for that. Basically twice a year they close the store and cardholders get the run of it. The supply free drink all night and you basically have an option with every purchase to get 50% off at the tills, its great - this is over and above the sales. Plus the sale preview is when all the sale stuff goes so its worthwhile getting in there the night before. So what do I have well a right mixture of classics, trends and I admit to having a fettish for evening style bags. So far I have;
    Tan Paddington
    Fendi B in tan
    Fendi Spy - brown
    New Large paddington (in doubt whether or not to return it)
    Couple of Prada messengers (one black, one burgandy)
    Gucci Hobo
    Gucci Limited edition evening bag in purple and pink velvet (my all time fav bag)
    Couple Fendi Baguettes
    Balenciage city (just sold my hobo couple of weeks ago on ebay)
    Jimmy Choo black clutch
    Jimmy Choo pink/purple taluta (hope I spelt that right)
    Prada purple and leopard evening bag (sounds dire but gorgeous)
    Around 5 Lulu Guiness evening bags
    Prada full black leather office bag
    Numerous gucci and prada wallets
    Dior Saddle
    God I'm starting to forget whats in that hanbag cupboard.
    Numerous other bits and bobs of non major peeps ie DKNY etc

    What about you?
  11. Your collection sounds lovely. I am so fickle about my bags and fall in and out of love constantly. I have sold several of my bags recently so now I own:

    choco Fendi spy
    tan Fendi B Bag
    Ivory Chloe paddington
    white LV MC speedy
    LV ellipse
    LV framboise vernis wallet
    black antique glace Mulberry Roxanne

    I'm thinking of adding some LV epi leather pieces when I get my bonus.
  12. LOL! I, too, am fickle when it comes to my favorite bag.