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  1. I was just on eBay, which I hardly go on anymore since it so hard with trusting the authenticity, and came across a seller who I bought a handbag from last year. OMG it was gorgeous!! Just as described with tags from Saks and a copy of the receipt. I emailed the seller a bunch of times before I bought the bag and even called the Saks where it was purchased from to check it out. It checked out fine and the seller was really nice to deal with. Well, they listed a couple of Fendi B handbags, white leather, black canvas, and a beige canvas. Also a Kooba clutch. I don’t know if you’re interested but it is definitely worth checking out. I just wish I had some money to go shopping with, but Christmas killed me this year. I just love the B bags!
  2. That bag may be authentic (and I'm not saying it is -- there aren't enough pics in the auction to be able to tell), but you won't see me walking around with a bag where the buckles have been completely bent upwards like that. Very unfortunate. Don't know why someone would do that.
  3. I saw your reply and about the buckle?? If you go to the Fendi website or any Dept store site that sells the Fendi B handbags that exactly what they look like. Anyways, I wanted to verify that they are auth.,( it my rep that is on the line) so I emailed the seller and had her email me the receipt. She said she bought 6 handbags at the Saks after Christmas sale and put 5 up for sale. She got same great deals and is passing it along. I hope this clarifies. I was so happy with my handbag last year, I thought this would make someone's day.
  4. That is strange. I may not of even noticed it right away. I wonder why it's like that?
  5. i'm sorry, but the metal part of the buckle is clearly bent upward, aka the wrong direction, in the auction you posted. you can see the difference between that bag and the other b bags the same seller has for auction. it doesn't have anything to do with authenticity (i think) so much as it has to do with the bag not being worth spending big $$ on, IMO.
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