Fendi B belts

  1. hey does anyone has the fendi b belts? i tink they're rlly cute!! but the last time i check with fendi singapore they ran out of stocks.. is that happening to other places too?

    oh and does anyone knows what's its retail price n the colours available?
  2. I want one too but Holt renfrew in my city is sold out i believe they retail for about $698 i might be wrong.....
  3. How much are they? I just think if I get one it'll be out next season due to the trendiness of it.
  4. for a belt? no thanx.......
  5. wow, that's rlly expensive!
  6. I could not get one over here in London, they had sold out before the bags!
    I managed to bag this one off of ebay that I am really looking forward to receiving from the US, as it a great size and style for summer without the massive price tag :smile: it cost forty pounds including shipping :biggrin:
  7. Chloe, that's a cute inspired version of the B belt!
  8. Thanks Greendrv, it does not look too bad does it :smile:
    I would love an original one when they are not so hard to come by. You cannot beat Fendi for the beautiful leathers, but I still think I would rather have a beautiful pair of shoes than the belt.
  9. chloe,
    I agree. Gotta choose your battles. I think it looks lovely!!! :love:
  10. Oooooh! It sounds beautiful! I actually love the B more than the Spy! (I know I'm the minority though!)
  11. Holts in Canada (kind of like Saks in US) has their own version of those belts for around $99.00 (I am not sure of the exact price)! I wouldn't pay more than that for a trendy accessory!
  12. hi its really nice...can you pls PM me the link where in ebay you got this belt? am interested in buying one....thanks ;)
  13. Hi Koalaph,
    Have pm'd you the details, if anybody else wants them, just let me know. :smile: