Fendi B-belt!

  1. Hi!

    Does anybody know what the smallest size the fendi b-belt comes in? I've searched everywhere and not a single answer. But don't write S or so, write inches och centimetres :P

  2. Hi Rosaeleena.

    I managed to pick up this Fab Fendi belt from Net a Porter last week, they only had a size large left, but I was so desperate for one that I thought oh well, I can always have my shoemaker put another hole in it if necessary.

    Fat chance!! the belt is designed to sit right in the middle of the waist, and definitely not on the hips. My belt states that it is large and also has 34" written inside it, but I measured it and its 32"!!
    I am a uk size 10-12 and have a 29" waist, and the large is perfect for me!
    So, in theory, the small would be 26 to 28", the medium would be 28-30" max, and the large is for 30-32", but it is very very tiny, so assume you need the next size up if you are planning to get one, and if you are looking for a belt that you can also wear low with jeans, it is not this one!!
    hope that helps x
  3. Thank you so much! :yahoo:
  4. you are very welcome.
    So, you gonna get one then :smile:
  5. If I find one, then absolutely! Do you think that they have it in the NY Fendi store? (going there later this year) :smile: Or possibly in London? You said you were an UK size so I assume. ;)
  6. I purchase mine from Net-A-Porter.com, I am sure they will be getting some more in as it is the a/w 2006 belt.
    Might be worth emailing them and seeing if you can pre-order, or atleast find out when the next batch is coming in :smile:

    Best of luck tracking one down ;)
  7. Great idea Chloe-babe! I will e-mail them right away!:wlae:
  8. Chloe, I saw that one up on Net-A-Porter.com" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter and wondered where it had disappeared to!
  9. I saw one at the NYC store last week!!! When are you going to be there??
  10. Late october unfortunately. :crybaby: But maybe they'll restock on them. :smile: