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  1. Which size do you prefer? Large or Medium?

    I like the shape of the Medium size but the Large one is more useful for my daily needs.
  2. I love medium but I am a shortie and I don't want the bag to overwelm me. I can't wait to get one in Feb
  3. Medium definitely. The large is overwhelming!
  4. medium :yes:
  5. I definitely like the medium better. I had a large one before but it was ginormous on me and looked crazy! :shame:
  6. I like the medium.
  7. I very much prefer the medium size in the bone. I do own the canvas with the patent in blue and it's a great summer bag. But I think you get more bang for your buck with the bone. You can carry it in all seasons.

    As far as sizes, I think the large is simply huge for the style. I felt it overwhelmed even the large buckles on the bag. I am a little surprised that you think the large will suit your needs better and must assume you carry more than I do. In that case, I would probably go with what suits your needs too.

    Good luck! It's a great bag!
  8. Can someone tell me if they are still selling the black and white B bag in anywhere in the world? Fendi here told me it is no more in the store anywhere worldwide and I refuse to believe. Thanks in advance.[​IMG]
  9. I saw one in Rome last Thanksgiving.

    This is a pretty bag, but the buckles make the front flap really heavy.
  10. I like the medium, it's more suitable for my daily use!
  11. Agreed. I have a medium black one and I'm thinking of unloading it. It's awkward with the flap being so heavy and a pain to get in and out of :s
  12. Yes, I also had problem with using the closure...tough thing to do when you don't have much stuff in your bag.
  13. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. Which date is Thanksgiving?
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