Fendi B-Bags on Bluefly

  1. Not sure what to think about Bluefly anymore ever since the balenciaga fiasco, but if anyone is interested, Bluefly has a couple of patent leather Fendi B-bags for 20% off!
  2. I'm not into the Fendi B'bag, and wouldn't be able to judge authenticity of one either, but I am just curious if people think they're real or fake? I'm wondering if they've at least had the decency to make some personnel shifts in the company.
  3. I just posted a similar alert about a few Bottega Veneta bags. My two cents about taking the risk with Bluefly is that they have a 90 day return policy and that is worth the risk to me to order and get it in hand to examine for authenticity. I would stay away from the previously exposed fake brands but some of these brands that never go on sale are definitely worth the risk in my opinion.
  4. Hmm, I wanted to see pics, and now they're gone. Advice for next time: It's good to get a copy of the pics before they disappear so that we at least have a chance at authenticating them!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Fendi B Fendi red patent bluefly fake.jpg
  7. When I was first looking at the B bag, I ordered the grey which was horrid and returned it to Browns and ordered the patent red as shown above. I have to say that it looked exactly like this one, which was why I returned it LOL!. The straps really do look this cheap in real life on the red one :biggrin:
  8. I own a blue patent one and the metal chain handle is slightly different than the red one (which is identically incorrect as the fakes on ebay). Each chain is too round, and not beveled correctly. Plus the stitching on all the B Fendi bags has been uniform (at least with all the ones I've seen), and each stitch is a uniform length. The stitches on the handles in the red patent are too short and uneven.
  9. I have to say that I love the B bags, they are my favorite in the Fendi collection!
  10. Just a quick note to say that I received my Bottega veneta and it's authentic- I had the same bag in a different color. Bluefly included the dustbag but not the care cards.