Fendi B bags, more look

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  1. From style.com:

    I believe I have seen an all-black B bag somewhere, which has some red detail on the chain. That is the one which attracted my eyes. But could not find it now:sad:
  2. Images below are from ELLE March edition. Don't look bad:amuse: :

    Attached Files:

  3. Still don't like any of these except the black and tan and the white and tan.
  4. It's such a pretty shape, why must they insist on putting it in patten leather?
  5. hmmm, i'd have to think about that one... but i do like the colours!
  6. Still don't like it :suspiciou
  7. Not a fan.
  8. its too trendy. might not last 1-2 seasons....i'd say a paddy or a spy is the better buy.
  9. The tiny brown one with the colourful buckle is cute.. but I'd rather spend my money gleefully at a Louis Vuitton boutique !
  10. I love Fendi but I just can't get into this bag!
  11. oddly enough i like the last one (brown plus floral)... it's eyecatching..
  12. totally agree:idea:
  13. I still don't get why every magazine says this is the next "It" bag. It's ok, but what is so "It" about it?

    But I guess mags have been wrong before, like 2 (?) years ago when Vogue predicted the "return of the supermodels"...
  14. the patent looks alright in black but like cheap vinyl in the bright colors. Something about patent attracts me though. I like the white and red little one and I don't dig the rest of them at all.
  15. I like the white and blue, I just wish it were leather instead of linen :sad: