Fendi B BAGS and SPY BAG 50% off at OVERSTOCK!!!!

  1. Hi I just wanted to let everyone know about the really good deals on Fendi at overstock.com. I know many are always on the lookout for great deals on the B and spy bags. So I wanted to give those interested a heads up. Here are the great deals on B bags and spys! :yahoo:

    1) Fendi Pleated Cracked Leather Large B Bag:
    Retail: $3900 Now: $1999!

    2) Fendi Patent Leather Large B Bag Burgundy:
    Retail: $1730 Now: $999.99!

    3) Fendi Metallic Leather Cracked Gold B Bag Satchel:
    Retail: $3900 Now: $1999!

    4) Fendi Felt and Velvet B Bag:
    Retail: $1680 Now: $999.99!

    5) Fendi Velvet Spy Bag with Floral Details:
    Retail: $2900 Now: $1499.99
    Fendi Velvet Spy Bag with Floral Details
  2. Barney's is having a sale right now on bags. The brown B-bag is up for the take. There's even a few Lanvin bags for sale. :tup: