FENDI B Bags....an L. Vuitton knockoff...?

  1. well not Knock off, but more than just inspiration...

    I always thought about this, and was wondering if anyone else saw it...
    so the New Fendi B Bags are mostly centered around the Buckle...so does anyone here remember the Louis Vuitton Spring collection 2005? and their Theda bags? Those are the same exact Buckles!




  2. :lol:LOL.. the Fendi B. is cute .. but i remember someone on here saying it looks like toilet seats ..so when ever i see the Fendi B.. i think Toilet seats instead....
  3. They're definitely similar- but to me, the Fendi buckles seem a lot larger in proprortion to the actual size of the bag.
  4. They don't look similar to me.
  5. I was talking about the Buckle...the bags are pretty much different....I don't know....maybe it's just me?
  6. I don't know.. I think the buckle is kind of similar in shape, but they open in a different way too.
  7. I dont know. I'm not seeing it. Me with my poor untrained eye :/
  8. i see what you're saying, but i guess there's really only so many ways that one can make a buckle. i don't think it was the inspiration for the b-bag, particularly since the other theda was more popular...did it have a buckle? i don't remember.
  9. I understand what you are trying to say..but I really think both buckles are quite different.
    Both may be bags with buckles, but they both have a really different feel.
  10. Yeah, and the fact that the Fendi is a covered buckle and the V is the bare metal makes difference too.
    But the buckles are similiar in shape!
    Personally, I love both styles...:love:
  11. Somebody here mentioned it looks like sagging boobs.. So I also thinks of "sagging boobs" when I see the bag! ;)
  12. omg! the pockets on the front of the b-bag does look like toilet seats. lol.. oh well I guess I'm gonna have to look for another bag to yearn for...