Fendi B Bag

  1. Has anyone bought this bag yet? i was thinking about getting one but i want to know if it is worth the price tag and also is praticality.
  2. HI there

    I just bought one yesterday! Can't really answer your questions about value etc I just think its fab. Mines is the brown/tan colour with the black patent detail.
  3. I just bought the leopard b bag from Eluxury yesterday. I am anxious to get it.
  4. What does the Leopard one look like - have you got a pic?
  5. I also just bought the medium sll tan B and it is gorgeous. I hated the B bag when it firat came out but it's so beautiful in real life. Mine is a little more subtle than the patent black and tan but I love that as well. Fendi can do no wrong in my eyes lately, their designs are just so striking and the leather is divine. I am also getting a choco spy this weekend. Go for it.
  6. You mean this? I bought mine in May, but have just sold it.


  7. Yes Tammy - exactly that. Do you mind my asking why you sold it? Hopefully you got most/all of your initial outlay back.

    Just noticed how wierd it is talking to people in different time zones. Responses are always a little out of sync.
  8. :cry: :cry: :cry: I sold it because my DH won't let me buy a silver metallic spy otherwise :cry: :cry: :cry: My friends think that I'm crazy to let it go because this design is no longer available, and the new B.Fendi designs are crappy (sorry, that's just IMO).
  9. I agree - although I love Fendi they do need to stop overembellishing the bags. Simplicity is always best IMO. At least they make an effort to limit supply and stick with the same basic shape. Chloe went a little overboard on the paddington and lost me.

    I didn't actually set out to get the all tan but am glad now that I know they are no longer in production.

    Enjoy your silver spy... it's gorgeous. Your pics of your choco inspired me and I'm getting one hopefully by this weekend.
  10. It definitely is a good, worthwhile buy. I kinda regret selling mine, but since I really do want the silver spy, I don't have a choice. I have too many bags. Someday in future when DH is looking the other way, I may pick up another B.Fendi again, who knows :smile:

    And thanks! I surely will love my silver spy to bits. I am already deeply in love with my dark brown spy.
  11. Secret Shopaholic (love your name), I have not received the leopard b bag yet. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I was shocked to see it on Eluxury a couple of days ago.
  12. I'm a die-hard balenciaga fan, but these B. Fendi bags are really stealing my heart! I didn't quite get them at first, until it kicked in that the B probably stands for "belt" and those huge loops in front of the bag are actually... huge belt buckles!

    I'm sooooo digging this one on elux. If they had it in that scrumptious cognac pebbled leather, I'd snatch it up!
  13. I've seen it IRL. Not that hot. Looks like something missing with an oversized buckle and erm..nothing else.
  14. that b bag in all tan is gorgeous! I didnt appreciate this B bag before but seeing the way you wear it tammyd I am inspired (adding to the list of my "wants") :smile: