fendi b. bag with lace and embroidery

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  1. i'm not quite sure what to make of this version of the fendi b. bag


    it's covered in black lace and the buckles have white flower embroidery on them......love the concept of the intricate detail on the bag, not sure if i'm loving the overall effect.....it's a little much for me, especailly at a price of $5,190.00 but that may just be because i'm not a big fan of the b bags generally.....i must say that this is one of the more likable variations tho.......
  2. I like it better than the normal Fendi B bags.. it looks mildly trashy though, for some reason, I could see the slutty cousin of the family carrying something like this to a funeral.
  3. LOL!
  4. A little too much going on... Ayla, you're too funny!!
  5. I don't like the B. bags at all. This one is probably one of the better, although solid black patent is probably my fave.
    A little solid black on this would have improved though IMO, it's got a little too much going on - my eyes hurt and I can't remember one thing about it.
    There was no one focal point.
  6. YIKES!!! There's a lot going on with that bag! Makes me dizzy.
  7. You're too funny, Ayla!!!!:lol:
  8. looks like the Dior nude lace bags, the Dior ones look a million times better though.
  9. OW! My EYES!
  10. looks like a freakin' kathy van zeeland bag. eww.

    vogue featured it on it's back page a couple months ago and it was gross then, too.

    i still like the white linen/black patent one, but i know i would regret getting it.
  11. too much for me ... and I personally love the B Bag ... got my name on the waiting list but we don't get them here until MARCH !!!
  12. The buckle reminds me of a lizard for some reason. Not my style.
  13. This is the one that Fendi thinks will be the most desired!!!. I'm sure I read that somewhere. I remember because the " beauty" of it totally escapes me...
    Love the "trashy " comment.
  14. ok i do not like fendi Bbags and this one just sealed the hate deal! it is too sluty for my taste!
  15. i don't like the b bags, but this is the 'less worse'
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