Fendi B Bag vs. Spy

  1. Hi,

    I was at Saks today and looked at the grey fendi spy bag. While I was determine in purchasing a spy bag, I noticed the honey colored b bag. Now I'm torned. They are such different looking bags but they are both gorgeous. I tend to buy bags that are classic and will last me for years so I am leaning towards the b bag now.

    I'm calling on the Fendi lovers to tell me their opinions on both bags. If you were in position, which one would you purchase?
  2. Fendi Spy =)
  3. I am in the same dilemma as well.....I can't decide on the spy or the B Bag....The spy being a IT bag now for over 2yrs and still going strong
    (I think it's going to become a classic shape)
    How about a Honey Fendi Spy:tender:
  4. i have both, and i love them to death, but the Spy is more practical. the B.Bag is good for evening and special occasions, but not as an everyday bag, although it is classy. i ended up getting both at the same time because i couldn't decide :lol:

  5. Spy All The Way
  6. I would definitely go with a spy! I think a spy is more of a classic bag and more suitable for all occasions, whereas the B. bag is more of a trendy/outfit specific bag. I would get more use out of a spy...

    Btw, I LOVE your Fendi's Yeuxhonnetes, I'm telling you! :heart: :P
  7. IMO the Spy is more casual and the B Bag is more on the dressier side. But really, either could work in any setting. I prefer bags with some structure at these prices :graucho: so I'd go with the B Bag.
  8. i LOVE your bags, tdf! i'm really into the spy bag right now, so my vote would be for spy.
  9. thanks :love::heart:!
  10. I'd say Spy, too.
  11. loving the bags Yeuxhonnetes!

    I have a spy but the B bag is prettier i think. Its a more dressy item where as the spy is for jeans really. Its a little clumpy to be worn with a delicate evening dress.

    Shopgrl12 id get the spy first and then if you truly decide you want a B bag save up and get one hun! I allways put serious thought into bags, gotta make sure i love it before it joins the family!
  12. I love the b bag so much. I don't know why. I pray to have one for my b-day:love:
  13. I would go for the spy. Although both would turn heads I think the Spy is a little more practical for everyday use.
  14. Those two are both among my favorite bags in the world, but if I'd also pick Spy. It's an easier bag to carry, the scrumptiousness of the leather alone will never go out of style, it's light and very versatile. The B Fendi is a stunning bag. I have it in a dark marroon patent leather, and it's on the heavy side, but a very nicely structured, more dressy look.

    I love them both, but use my Spys more often. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  15. Thanks everyone for all the advice. I love the bags Yeuxhonnetes!!

    After the responses, I think I'll just have to go out and get the Spy. I'll post pics once I do! Wish me luck.