Fendi B bag Pics

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  1. Hi all

    I have been looking through the fendi thread and cant find a post with lots of pics of fendi B bags .... I really love the style but not sure which to get

    I was wondering if we could start one , so that we can see all the different colours the bags come in - therefore if you have a Fendi B bag please post your pic.

  2. here is my small fendi b
    74e5_1.jpg 72fd_1.jpg
  3. Here is mine:

  4. Here are some I have collected, but passed on to other lucky PFers:

    3bbags.JPG balcknappa1.adj.JPG blackcanvas1.JPG

    This is my current favorite :tup:

    leopardb1.JPG leopardb2.JPG
  5. Here's my east-west shoulder bag ...

  6. oh more more!
  7. I had yet to see someone with this bag in person until today I saw a woman wearing one in black patent!! Gorgeous!!
  8. Here's one of the Papaya patent that I ended up returning to Bluefly:
  9. ^^

    I love the Papaya! I soooo want one, but just cant afford it right now ( I could but then I wouldnt be able to buy the car I want....hmmm...let's see....car?.....Fendi B Bag?.....Car?.....Fendi B Bag?....Wow! That really is a tough decision!)
    Anyway, why did you return it?
  10. Do you like your bag? This is so cute! :yes: I have been watching one on eBay in Black for $800.00 do you think that is a good price? I ask because it was $950.00 last week and didn't sell.

    There is another one that is on auction, but there are no authenticity pictures and the seller only has one eBay deal and it's a purchase.

  11. Thanks, I do like it and would recommend it! For a smaller bag its surprisingly roomy. I also like that it has a longer drop that makes it comfortable to wear on the shoulder. Here is a "modeling" pic from NM. The bag currently retails for $1260, so $800 is a pretty good deal. Good luck!
    Fendi B modeling pic.jpg
  12. How did you like the camel / black combination, honestly? I am talking with the Fendi shop where I am trying to order it because I NEED it in my life. But, just wondered what you thought. Thanks.
  13. the fendi b bags are wonderful!!! i want one now. haha!
  14. heres mine.

    canvas and gold Fendi B bag.


    i love ittttt
  15. I bought this bag because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to keep it. I've bought too many bags lately and this one was the most expensive of the bunch. It is definitley unique though. Please let me know what you think. I may regret it if I return it.
    Caviar Patent B Bag.jpg Caviar Patent B Bag Angled View.jpg Caviar Patent B Bag Back View.jpg Caviar Patent B Bag Flap.jpg