fendi b bag or chanel timeless clutch

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  1. i just bought fendi bbag canvas/blue patent at nm. but it seems like canvas is gonna be hard to take care of so im thinking of just exchanging it for chanel timeless clutch. i know two bags are totally different but im so clueless right now. HELP!!! should i just keep the bbag or exchange it to timeless clutch???
  2. Like you said they are 2 totally different bags. What are you wanting more - a daytime or a nighttime bag? Which bag fits better into your lifestyle? Which one can you see yourself getting more use from?

    Hopefully those and some more practical questions can help you reach a decision you're happy with. Good luck!
  3. im not 100% happy with the bbag i bought today. i probably prefer all patent, or something not canvas...and chanel timeless clutch is something i was gonna get eventually.
    ill probably use bbag more since its bigger...maybe i should just exchange to different bbag? nm near my house only had this one and some limited edition one.
  4. I love the Timeless Clutch! :biggrin:
  5. Me too.......:tup:
  6. So do I . . .but . . .it does seem an unusual swap to me - can you manage without a functional bag as I imagine the Fendi was intended to be?
  7. i already have a lot of med size bags...i just wanted a bbag with little different colors other than blk and wht purses i have...
    i just have one metallic dark blue rhinestoned ferragamo clutch...
    i will probably exchange to timeless this weekend.
    those of you who have timeless...do you guys only use timeless with dresses only or can it be worn with casual too?
  8. I'd go with the clutch because it's well... timeless.

    I don't think the Fendi B. Bag has a whole lot of staying power and it seems like a bag I probably wouldn't use as much as I would the clutch.
  9. I would go with the timeless clutch. Good luck with whatever you decide!! :tup:
  10. go for the timeless clutch!!!
  11. For me, if I had to choose between the two I'd stick with the bbag. I love the Timeless clutch as well but I hardly use clutches.
  12. I personally prefer the CHANEL timeless in white. Because I do not have white clutch and also I adore the design. It actually depends on which one you really need? which one do you use more often?
  13. I don't care for the Bbags and I think they'll look quite dated soon. The only thing is that a clutch is not a very versatile bag - it's pretty much evening/dinner only.