Fendi B Bag on Smartbargains $799 blue hobo!

  1. It says only 1 left...ugh so tempting. But I am on a purse ban... :cry:
  2. Me too...purse ban. Now if said bag was $399, I think I would manage to break my ban...:lol: Alas, that price is a pipe dream...
  3. Is this website trust worthy?
  4. This site is actually run by Loehmann's.
  5. I ordered the blueberry spy from them and got this bag instead. It is lovely and authentic it just wasnt what I ordered.....
  6. It was nice of you to post that it was authentic...but what's up with Smartbargains? How could they make such a mistake? I hope they paid for return shipping at least.
  7. Me too, although its still a very gorgeous bag!
  8. Hmm.... I think I like the other bbag styles better. My wallet will be happy that I passed on this.
  9. Its gone.....