Fendi B Bag on Eluxury!

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  1. I'm still not really feeling the b-bag, but those shoes are hot ! Thanks for sharing !
  2. me neither. the buckles are just too much.
  3. I always want to have a patent leather bag and when I buy one I wanted a perfect one;the one when I see it the first time will I fall in love. But so far I haven' t found one. The patent leather on this bag I think is gorgeous but it's the huge buckles that make this bag a bit overpowering for my style. I don't know..but of course I haven't seen it in person so I can't tell how I look when I carry the bag;) . Thanks for posting pics mello!
  4. wow, the other two b-bags that had yesterday sold out quick.
  5. I'm so in love with the BBag.
  6. This bag is growing on me slowly, hopefully my faith in Fendi is restored so I can get one!
  7. So far it doesn't move me either...:smile:
  8. I agree with you lovely ladies, the buckles are just too big for my taste and I don't think it looks good with the patent leather. But someone's purchase and pictures of this bag will change my mind though so hurry it up girls ;P
  9. I REALLY don't need another "luxury" purse... I've already got 3 Gucci's, 2 Marc Jacobs, 1 Dior. I think that's enough. Plus I've got an assortment of Coach purses. BUT....

    For some reason, I'm just drawn to the B Bag. I'm #3 on my local NM's waiting list--but they don't know what they're getting yet. They think it'll be March before they get them. So I went ahead and ordered it from eluxury--but they're not shipping them until April 8! Regardless, it's going to be a bit of a wait...
  10. Oh yea, I saw the expected shipping date when I accidently added it to my cart =/ Don't worry, April will come fast!!

    Plus you're being safe... if the NM one comes first just cancel your elux order and vice versa. What color did you get??
  11. The buckles look like plastic to me, I'd love to see one in person though.
  12. its too structured for my taste. I like slouchier bags