Fendi B Bag on Eluxury!


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
I always want to have a patent leather bag and when I buy one I wanted a perfect one;the one when I see it the first time will I fall in love. But so far I haven' t found one. The patent leather on this bag I think is gorgeous but it's the huge buckles that make this bag a bit overpowering for my style. I don't know..but of course I haven't seen it in person so I can't tell how I look when I carry the bag;) . Thanks for posting pics mello!
I agree with you lovely ladies, the buckles are just too big for my taste and I don't think it looks good with the patent leather. But someone's purchase and pictures of this bag will change my mind though so hurry it up girls ;P
I REALLY don't need another "luxury" purse... I've already got 3 Gucci's, 2 Marc Jacobs, 1 Dior. I think that's enough. Plus I've got an assortment of Coach purses. BUT....

For some reason, I'm just drawn to the B Bag. I'm #3 on my local NM's waiting list--but they don't know what they're getting yet. They think it'll be March before they get them. So I went ahead and ordered it from eluxury--but they're not shipping them until April 8! Regardless, it's going to be a bit of a wait...
Oh yea, I saw the expected shipping date when I accidently added it to my cart =/ Don't worry, April will come fast!!

Plus you're being safe... if the NM one comes first just cancel your elux order and vice versa. What color did you get??