Fendi B bag matching belt.....

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  1. does anybody know how much the the belts that match the B bag cost/when they'll be available.....stuff like that?.........i hate how fendi has no site and i never know how to get in touch with them.....
    the giant buckle might not be for everybody but i think with the right outfit it'd be totally cute........
  2. the b belt costs about $400 and i know that the fendi in beverly hills had some in, but i believe that might've been through special orders. so you might just want to call around and check with your closest fendi boutique.
  3. I saw a cute pic of Lindsey wearing the bag and the belt together. Sooo cute on her, would probably look silly on me though :lol:
  4. i'm not sure how they'd look on me but they do look great on lindsey......then again, what doesn't?
    at around $400ish i'd say they're totally worth it if i could pulll it off....still not sure tho.......
  5. Ohh I really like this belt! I didn't realize who it was by until now. I'd love to get one and wear it... Maybe I will look into it.
  6. I like the white belt Lindsay had. The other brown belt no!
    I love the spy she has!
  7. I got the one Lindsay has from Fendi Sloane Street :nuts: It was £275! It was from another clients' cancelled special order...I was the lucky one! They will receive the normal sale belts in March :P
  8. that is a really cute belt
  9. I absolutely hate this season, it reminds me of minnie mouse shoe buckles or something, it screams tacky to me. I know alot of girls who dissagree with me but I will never go there.:sick: And I feel strongly about it.Yech!
  10. i would never wear such a thing! not my style.
  11. finally, people who agree with me! star and fayden, we may be in the minority, but i shall not be changing my mind any time soon. these are fug.

    stay strong, sisters!
  12. I do think these belts would be hard to pull off. But I bet if you had the right body type it would make your waist look so skinny...
  13. [​IMG]
    I dare Lindsay to put thay ugly oversized belt through her jeans' belt loops :P. Oh look, the belt also has another purpose: a sagging breast lifter :lol: . That Lindsay is a genius!
  14. i suppose its just a statement to match her bag... she prolly gets paid by fendi to wear these things, since we all know fendi is going down the drain...
  15. I hate this belt, the mega-buckle is so tacky. But I love love love that marvellous silver Spy bag :love: