Fendi B Bag - Inspired coupon code!

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  1. Really not sure about this one. I love the Fendi B Bag but just can't afford the real thing!
    And here's the thing. I've never purchased a designer inspired bag before, and i know that they are not actually fakes, but more of a twist on a theme. So i wouldn't actually be buying a knock-off, right?
    I've seen this designer inspired Fendi B Bag online and apart from having that look that i want, its also got the price ticket i can afford!
    Better still, i've got a coupon code which gets me an extra 10% off! (its 10BB828 and is valid 25th AUG til 28th AUG)
    What do you think about the bag? I really am drooling for the white one at the top of the page.

    I told you the price was good!
  2. We do not and will not, promote fake bags on this site.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.