Fendi B Bag in Italy - Outlets

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am planning a trip to Europe and will be in Italy for most of the time. I heard great things about the outlet there and I would like to know if anyone knows the prices for Fendi B Bags as well as the B Belt.

    Thanks so much ! xoxo :heart:
  2. I know Fendi outlets in Italy but I don't know of they have Bbags. Sorry
  3. I know the outlets in the US dont have and are not expecting b bags. It's most likely the same in italy. I heard the outlet in florence is great though. Have a great time and do a lot of shopping!!!
  4. I just visited Milano, Firenze, Italy on February. I purchased 2007 S/S New Collection Fendi B Bag for 890 Euro at the authorized boutique.As you already know,all of outlets in Italy do not handle new collections,classic products. They only have stocks(1~4 years). I do not think that you can find out Fendi B bags in outlets. You might try to find out authorized boutiques which handle 4~10 designer brands. If you have a plan to visit Italy, I recommended that best season for shopping is during July~August,January~February sale in Italy.
    All of authorized dealer shops, boutiques, outlets have regular sale on that time up to 50%.
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  6. :heart: :heart: THanks so much for the info ladies... I'm looking at late july to august which is great since that is the sale season but I think I read somewhere else that August is also the vacation time where the shops are closed? Any info on when the August vacation starts for the Italians?

    I was going to see if I can also get a B belt in the outlets but I guess I will get it in the boutiques during the sales...

    I know my classmate got a B belt from eBay but I always wondered if it could be fake? Would you guys say it is a good idea to try eBay?

    I will definitely do a good job shopping since I am taking my mom's plastic with me lol

    thanks for the tips again :heart: xoxo
  7. Yes, you are right. I think that the sale will be on first week of July or second week~ first week or second week of August. Right after the sale, many of them will be on vacation, but I heard that some of outlets will be remain open during vacation because of the tourists. I believe that 90% of Fendi handbags are fake in eBay. :yes:
  8. I forgot to tell you that if you look for authorized boutiques, you will find out them in small cities. All authorized dealer shops are located in big cities. You might get more discounted from authorized boutiques rather than authorized dealer shops because none of dealer shops do not have businesses with wholesalers, importers. When you spot a fake handbag, you should consider its price, leather quality, detail logo, zippers,etc. Many of designer handbags(brand new) are not reasonable price in ebay. :sad: You can find out some of honest sellers in ebay also, but you should research, invest your time to avoid from fake handbags.
    I think that the U.S.A is the one of big importer for replicas,counterfeits.:push:
  9. wonder why would the States import so many fake.... ?

  10. I think that the first reason for selling replicas is generates huge profit. Many of replicas wholesalers make up to 100% profit. For example, they import the replica Chloe paddinton for $60~$100(depends on the quality-AAA, AA, A) from China, Hong-Kong, Europe,S.Korea and then sell for $600~800 through websites, auctions. There are a great deal of replicas wholesalers in on-line so anyone contacts them.

    I think that the second reason for this is they just do not find legit import lines from Italy, France. Finding authorized boutiques in Italy, France is not easy job at all. Most of authorized boutiques do not have businesses through web sites. There are some stock business which handle replicas, authentic together so importers should be aware of stock business, replicas manufacturers in Italy. There are also some replica manufacturers in Italy. Please do not consider all designer brands which are imported from Italy to be authentic.
    I hope this helps..:smile:
  11. Wow... I hope I don't end up going to Italy and bring back made in italy fakes!!

    THanks a lot for the info!

  12. You do not have to worry about getting fakes because most of replicas manufactures are located in very very small town where you can not find easier. They do not have businesses with any individual. You will see many fakes (handbags, watch, belts,hats,etc) in the streets also. :graucho: I saw some of people purchased fake Gucci from them. You can see two guys hold white bundles. It was funny to watch them because the Italian cops were behind me so I took a picture. :p
    P.S: The pictures were taken at the Ponte Vecchio.
    fakers.jpg fakers2.jpg
  13. When I went there, I saw some of Fendi bags look like this. You might get it or not(50/50). I am pretty sure you will find out nice Fendi handbags over there.