Fendi B bag Blueberry Hobo, opinions please?

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  1. Hi ladies.

    I'm thinking about ordering this bag. I loveeee the color and the look of the leather.
    What do you think?
    Opinions please??:P

    BTW, anyone order the new denim spy yet??
    I got one for the pre-order at Saks, but I have to wait till March or April!!!:wtf: :hysteric:

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  2. I love that bag also. I would love to order the new denim spy. Maybe I will wait until next year.
  3. Love this bag colour is to die for and the leather looks beautiful.

    Go for it - and you have already pre-order the denim brilliant
  4. That bbag is gorgeous, I just love the color!!!
  5. LOVE this bag!!!!
  6. Gorgeous Bag! :yes:
  7. I love it too!!!
  8. Is this a new 07 style?
    I love it! :love:

    Definitely go for it, gigi!
  9. Yes, new at Saks..! I love the color....
  10. :heart:Oh no!! Another bag to lust after!! It's so pretty!:heart:
  11. Love it!!! The colour is beautiful and this style is great.
  12. That is hot.
  13. Woooow! This bag is amazing. Especially I love the color. Great choice.
  14. I like the new style. Very cute. :yes:
  15. I keep coming back to look at this gorgeous bag!! Saich and I are wondering if there will be a blueberry spy coming out :drool: