Fendi B bag 8BL096

  1. Hi -

    I'm new to the purse forum, but I know that I have found kindred spirits who love bags as much as I do! I just purchased the large Fendi B mix bag in black and beige (8BL096) at the Fendi store in the Short Hills Mall, New Jersey. I wasn't sure if the bag was too big for me, and really liked the 8BL097 which was slightly smaller in size, but they said that it did not come in black. I have seen the bag, however, on different internet sites such as Rafaello.com, so now I am confused.

    Does anybody know if this bag really came in the smaller size, and woldn't the sales associate in the Fendi store know for sure? I only have ten days to exchange the bag for the smaller size, so help!

    Melanie in New Jersey
  2. if raffaelo network has the other size in black, then it would seem that the other size comes in black since they sell authentic bags there. i have had conversations with Fendi salespeople at the boutiques that led me to believe that I knew more about spys than they did, so it doesn't shock me that she gave you inaccurate information. they may just have not had it at her store and she just wanted to make a sale or something, too.
  3. Thanks for your input. You would think that the Fendi SA would give out the correct information, but you're probably right that she wanted to make the sale, and she did! I have to decided what to do now.