Fendi authenticity guide?

  1. Hiya,

    not sure if I should have posted this in seller watch but it's more of a general enquiry - does anyone know of any sites or pages that have solid info on autheticating Fendi bags?

    Back when I was hunting for a Chanel flap bag I hit on Burberry_princess's page at e-Bay, and I also had lots of images of real Chanels I'd kept from magazines etc.

    Now I'm looking for a fabric Fendi baguette (which I know is very '99 but I love them!) and will start hunting seriously in the next month or so, but I honestly have no idea what to look for in terms of labels, detailing and so on.

    I don't even know what a realistic price would be.:sad:

    I know the Baguette is an OLD bag, but I also understand it's been heavily counterfeited, so even buying an older bag isn't any indicator of it being the real deal.

    Because of that, I can't do a compare and contrast and get a feel for what real ones look like as I'm not sure I've ever seen one online! :suspiciou

    Searching just takes me back to e-Bay time and again, or to other sales pages and AAA fake sites, which, not what I'm looking for!:wacko:

    So, any suggestions gratefully received!;) :love:

  2. Look at the sticky in the ebay community board for handbags. There's a Fendi guide in there under the authentication resources links.
  3. Thanks! :love: :biggrin: I tried a denim baguette on this arvo in Selfridges (snotty SA's or what?!:suspiciou ) and now, I'm not so sure, they had this dinky little croissant in denim who looked all cute nestled in under my arm.

    I'll def. check that thread, thanks for the tip - it's been ages since I looked in those forums!

  4. the appropriate place to ask authenticity questions is in the "authenticate this" thread.