Fendi at SAMS CLUB?????

  1. I got the shock of my life today when I went into SAMS CLUB. I could not believe they were selling Fendi bags. The cheapest one was $478.00, but there was something not quite right about the quality of the bag. The leather trim was torn up in some spots or something. How is SAMS able to sell authentic Fendi? They also had Prada and Kate Spade.
  2. I think there was a thread about this a while back. Let me see if I can find it.
  3. Yep! Sams in my area has had at least 2 Spy bags over the past few months. A HUGE Zucca with leather trim and a HUGE chocolate brown leather one. They both looked like travel bags! HUGE! I didn't even know they made Spy's that big until I saw them at none other than Sams Club!
  4. Please do. I would love to see what other people are saying about it.
  5. What?!? Wow. Well they have to be real beacuse SAMS CLUB would be slapped with litigation if they sold fakes.
  6. Thanks lv addict for the link to that thread. I see there was a bit of a debate about the matter. And it enlightened me to the fact that COSTCO is also selling those items.
  7. Costco in Canada also sells those items. From what my contacts tell me, the styles are old, and the inventory is legit but store returns from other retailers.
  8. Sams Club in Moreno Valley, Ca. has a whiskey spy for $1789. I'm pretty sure others do as well, I'm looking for a lighter color if anybody has seen one in any of the LA area stores.
  9. Sams Club is the GREATEST!! Great prices and sometimes you can find a one of a kind!! They carry our jewelry line and it is the closest to manufacturers price of any retailer in the US. Fabulous company!!
  10. The Sam's Club here carries Fendi, Coach, and Kate Spade, and I know at least the Coach and Kate Spades are completely legit. They're only marked a bit below retail here though, so outlets are always a better deal.
  11. I saw a chocolate brown one there but it looked like it had been hadles too much. I remember it being really cheap though
  12. The Sam's club in Wisconsin has a lot of Prada, a coach, a kate spade. There was a Fendi with the "F"s pattern on the outside, not leather.

    They did have a good selection of sunglasses - even Maui Jim. I might go back for the Gucci ones.
  13. Fendi now accuses Sam's Club of selling fake Fendis:


    I did buy a Fendi spy at Sam's Club for the purpose of reselliing on ebay, and just listed it yesterday!

    But I have JUST ended the auction since there now seems to be some doubt. In my opinion, it looks, feels, and smells 100% authentic as I have seen IRL other Spys at the Fendi boutique and at Neimans, but I don't want to sell anything that could even be fake! :shame: