Fendi at DSW- $400!

  1. I just came home from DSW at Union Square in NY, and I saw one, and only one, black nylon Fendi Spy with leather trims, go from $1699.99 soaring down a mere $399.99. I was sooo tempted to get it, but I'm on ban and I can't break this one :push: I "hid" it in the sale bags... don't know how long it can last. Someone run and grab it! ;)
  2. OMG! Why can't I live in NY?!!!!
  3. oh man i really want it!!. . if i go tomorrow, you think it will still be there?
  4. Wow..that's a steal. But beware... many vendors can pass off a fake to a retail chain. I'm not sure of the outcome of the case btwn Fendi, Wal-Mart, and Sam's Club but there have been questions regarding whether items showing up at large retail chains at huge discounts are real.
  5. I don't know... I hope so. I tried to put it on hold because I know some tpfers may be interested, but they said no holds on clearance items :sad: Not many people really pay great attention to the sale bag section. It always seems to be just me looking and digging for good deals. Maybe if you go really early?
  6. I agree, whoever that gets it, please be careful and get it authenticated somehow. I'm not familiar with Fendi, so I couldn't tell if it was real or fake. The handle was pretty rigid (not sure if it's suppose to be that way), though their nylon was was thick and soft. i just remembered! I actually took some pics!
  7. i am a bit worry about authenticity. Are they authorized dealer for fendi? Any one got one from them before. if so, please confirm authenticy.
  8. AGREE 100%-although I have seen some authentic designer shoes in their designer section, never fendi handbags., but if it is.....someone better run!

  9. ha? there's fendy at dsw?
  10. i have purchased designer bags from dws and took them to the store and they confirmed that they were authentic. the pradas had the dust bags as well as the card with it. the store manager told me that i could return them. i would have if they were not real. so poo poo if you wish but not paying full price feels mighty fine.
  11. well, here are the pics. hopefully, someone with better Fendi knowledge can tell us whether it's authentic or not. If it's not... I'm so sorry :sweatdrop:
    IMG_0646(1).JPG IMG_0647(1).JPG IMG_0651(1).JPG IMG_0652(1).JPG IMG_0653(1).JPG
  12. here are more pics. As for the middle one, there was a plastic covering the hardware, so it's a little hard to see the details. Any thoughts of it?
    IMG_0654(1).JPG IMG_0655(1).JPG IMG_0656(1).JPG
  13. I posted it on the Authenticate This Fendi! thread, and Litigatrix said nothing looked troubling to her. But just to be certain, if anyone gets it, post pictures in the authentication thread. And it looks like a satin spy, not nylon.
  14. this is hot...i want it. did anyone buy it yet??
  15. Thats a crazy deal!!!!!