Fendi and Gucci 2006?

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  1. Hi All,
    anyone can help me to find the authentic items for the below bags:
    i can't find any in Gucci sites, or Fendi sites, i love these bags.
    are they really from Gucci and Fendi designs? or just a stupid invention by the replica vendors?

    sorry, how to post pictures?
  2. .
  3. see pics. where can i get the authentic one? cant find them in any sites :sad:
    gucci senna pink.jpg 1.jpg
  4. have already visited those sites coupld of days ago, could not find. are they not existed at all?:sad2:
  5. I don't know if those bags are authentic?:oh:

    But if you look on Bluefly there's a couple Fendi shearling bags on there:


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