Fendi and Eluxury Update!

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  1. Hi, I was making an elux. purchase over telephone today and got some Fendi news for those interested. They will be having new Fendi bags coming in, and they items are as follows

    1. Fendi Spy Bag, all leather, white color
    2. Fendi Spy Hobo, Demin, blue and white stripe
    3. Fendi Spy Bag , demin, with squirrels (???)
    4. Fendi Du Jour Bag, demin, with red logo in front, and red handles (demin is dark).

    ok, that's the update, fendi, denim ,etc.
  2. Oooh oooh oooh ... Denim Spy Hobo?!?!?!? Did they say when these bags will be available? Do they have they displayed on eLuxury?

    Oh man ... am I ever in trouble ... I love the Spy bags anyhow, and was covering the Large Hologram Spy that I saw in Houston!
  3. Denim must be hot hot hot- first LV, MJ has some and now Fendi.

    But with squirrels? What! like the animal, I will have to check that out!
  4. The elux representative said he wasn't sure when they were coming in, but that they were, and they are the next Fendi to arrive. They aren't posted yet, but he suggested in calling in....since the last time they had 4 spys...they sold like hotcakes! He said to keep posted by calling in, or if you are interested in one, to connect with one of their SAs to keep track of a particular item for you.
  5. I'm on the waitlist for the all white, but thats only if my Fendi dispute doesnt go through and I'm stuck with a spy bag :lol: I'm probably making it sound more horrible than it is, but seriously, I've had a crap spy experience! I hope they improved the quality since its a new season :biggrin:
  6. crap spy experience???


  7. I want to know too, I have never read your spy ordeal, couldnt find it could you tell it over? Please.
  8. I bought the peanut butter spy on a whim one day and loved it :love:, however I noticed some unusual spotting so I took it back and exchanged it for the acacia spy with purple handles. At the boutique the handle looked bent, but my SA said that since I mentioned the problem to him at the time, if it didnt straighten out in a couple of months time he would do something for me.

    So time went by and the handle didnt straighten out...and it turns out that most of the acacia spy bags had bent handles. I thought that was unacceptable so they told me they could give me another color combination but that was the last time I could trade. This made it seem like it was my fault, when I didn't think it was since I was getting defective spy bags. My mother thought it was BS so she said to try to get actual money back instead of another spy...since it was clear that if the next spy I got had problems, I'd be stuck with it.

    I also saw a sales associate cutting loose threads off with a huge scissors and it appeared to me that she damaged one of the bags too...and then tried to tell me it was all fixed and that I should buy it. NO THANKS!

    So now I'm disputing the charge with my credit card company and never want to shop at Fendi again. I don't think there is any excuse for inferior merchandise...I mean its not even supposed to be a cheapy bag. I am hoping my dispute goes through or I'll have to sell a spy bag. Fendi doesn't allow the transfer of credit...LAME!

    So thats the short version of my crap spy experience.

  9. Awww, I am sorry. What a horrible ordeal when it should be a fun experience buying a spy. I hope everything works out for you.
  10. ditto with Mads. comments, sorry about the ordeal. NO to defective mechandise!
  11. I agree, it pisses me off when thousands of dollars are put into buying a bag and the SAs try to pass off inferior merchandise....