Fendi and Chloe Hampton on Bluefly

  1. Dude, why does all the interesting stuff always show up so late at night? (It's almost 2 am where I am) :blink: Does someone at Bluefly just stay up til all hours and add cool bags? I want the Chloe...

    Chloe - $1300


    Fendi - $1700

  2. I have the Chloe in Black. Theryre less obvious than a Spy and I get compliments from everyone. I love the interchangable straps and the cute coin purse!
  3. Just a lil warning: Bluefly has sold fake chloes...
  4. ^^ Can't TPF stop the mentioning of Bluefly??? They should not be be allowed to sell! Isn't it against the law in the US to sell counterfeits? Why are they still in business?