Fendi 8M0000 Beige and brown Zucca wallet, need help

  1. hi,

    I went into Neiman Marcus store, and saw this Fendi 8M0000 wallet for $180. They are usually around $350 and according to the sale assistant, the price was wrong but since I saw the price, they would sell it to me for $180. It is the last piece and it has a very fine line on one side of the leather. So I bought it. Then I went to Saks and saw the same wallet with same colour. I realised the one I bought have a serial number embossed on the wallet, but the one in Saks doesn't. Can anyone explain to me why, and the one I bought should be authentic?

    many thanks
  2. Please post pictures.
  3. Hi Lylesy,

    I'm actually travelling right not, don't have camera with me. You are suspecting it might not be authentic?

  4. I have a Fendi Zucca wallet with a serial number embossed inside. The newer ones have hologram tags I believe. Sometimes it is hard to find serial number, so maybe you just did not find it on the one at Saks.