Fendi 8BR336 Squirrel Bag

  1. Does anyone know anything about this bag? When it was made etc... I'm going to try to add pictures in a few.
  2. I know of a few squirrel bags. Theirs the LE ones which came out last year in red and black with the beauitful embroidery on it. Their was also a denim squirrel last year and an updated version for this year. Are these the ones you mean?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am actually not sure at all. I am attaching some photos and I hope that helps.
    f1.jpg f3.jpg f4.jpg f2.jpg
  4. I'm almost afraid to ask... Why exactly is it called a squirrel bag? Are they making bags with little squirrels now!?:wtf: :crybaby:
  5. Unfortunately yes, it is made out of squirrel...:crybaby:
  6. ^ no way....

    but it's better than wasting the fur on roadkill???

  7. Jesus H. Christ! What's next!? I mean, it's bad enough they're usin' cute little pony's. Now squirrels!!?? I know there's a designer out there right now tryin' to figure out what little creature to use next. I used to wonder about all those little, rich kids who told their parents they wanted a pony. I didn't know it was to make a handbag.:wtf:

    I'm sorry. I'm being a hypocrite. The squirrel and the pony had to die just like the cow that had to die for my spys. Oh, the guilt. :crybaby:
  8. Nah, atleast with the roadkill, it's already dead! They could just scoop it up and throw a handle and a logo on it...
  9. katgrrrl
    That was my first chuckle of the day...seriously. I hope my pics came through ok?? I am a newbie!
  10. kat...I also notice your quote is from Mr.Krabs. You must have kiddos also!:biggrin:

    Yes, LOL! I didn't know a thing about Spongebob until my 2 y.o. got hooked on it. I think I've seen almost every episode!
  12. Spamdex
  13. I thought you were talking about the squirrel spy at first. Then I saw the pictures. Is it really made out of squirrel?
  14. Yes all the tags say Fendi Squirrel and the Fendi boutique price tag is over $1600. I saw on eBay forums that the made a few out of squirrel around 2003 and I just wondered if anyone knew anything else about it. It's a large chef bag...just made out of squirrel and leather.
  15. it's beautiful..but, when i think of those little squirrels....:wtf: