Fendi 339 L Sunglasses

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  1. i bought them today from Nordstrom's anniversary sale!!! LOVE THEM in the silver/grey. get them! they are only $99.90, original is $350!!

    i think they are for the new season.

    pink ones: are they all pink?

    is the black ones tinted in pink, like the nm.com one:


    btw, which Nordstrom did you see them at? i bought the last pair at the SF Nordstrom.
  2. Thats a good price! I can't just get any sunglasses though because my face has a weird shape (or so I think) and very few glasses look good on me. Otherwise I suppose I'd have several!
  3. I saw them at boca raton nordstrom. A couple more left!
  4. I really like them. They are basic enough to go with a ton, but really cute and special at the same time.
  5. I like them, They are hot.
  6. I got them YAY!!!
  7. congrats! Post modeling pics when you can!:yahoo: