Fendi 2Bag tote?

  1. Sorry for the crappy picture. I was heading out, but here is my 2Bag. :smile: I really love this bag. I get compliments every time I take her out.
    Fendi Selleria 2Bag.jpg
  2. I like this bag.
  3. I am dying for this bag. It seems that different stores get different color combos. BG has the color I want, but I'd prefer to get it from Saks. Anyone have modeling photos?
  4. I love fendi but there are so many fakes.

  5. You've seen fakes of this particular bag? There are fakes of every brand. If that stopped me, I would just stay home.;)
  6. I looked at these bags at Barney's the other day. They are smaller than i expected, though I think there are also ones that are larger. I'm not sure, though.
  7. I got one in black on black leather (pebbled leather on top, stiffer on the bottom). Black straps with gold hardware. I really like it because its kind of conservative and I hate flashy bags. But I'm a 21 year old college student..is it too old for me? I think its so gorgeous but I don't want to carry around a purse that looks to mature for me. I'm pretty youthful looking.
  8. I've tried it on many times and I love love love it. I'm in my 20s and young-looking as well, and I think you should rock whatever you love, and forget the haters. If you adore it, you should wear it!
  9. Very helpful information
  10. Haha,all my love!
  11. I almost pulled the trigger on the white 2bag yesterday on Bluefly for a great price.

    It's such a pretty bag, so I'm kind of regretting it. But I have a list of 3 wants (one being the Fendi Chameleon) and they keep getting bumped by "good deals" I see ;).

    I can tell that the 2bag is a shape/design that will work for me (long straps, some structure) so I'm not sure why it hasn't moved up my list.
  12. I think this shoulder bag/purse is from the 80's but I can't seem to identify it. Any ideas?
    IMG_2163.jpg IMG_2169.jpg IMG_2168.jpg
  13. i got this back in chocolate on bluefly for $899!!! no tax and free ship. the leather is SO soft and GORGEOUS