Feminine Problems!! eep!


Jan 8, 2006

i use to get the strangest pain... i use to pass out/faint/collaspe whatever you want to call it, i was blacked out! i could always feel it coming on and then i'd get all hot and sweaty and then i'd be on the floor - its been years and years since this last happened - i went to the doctor and got on the pill and everything seems to be good now...

am i thinking of ya! Please make a visit to the doctor and get everything checked out! ***Hugs***


Jan 15, 2006
Dani, please see your doctor as soon as possible. This could be only a severe case of dysmenorrhea but it could be a more serious problem. A ruptured ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis endometriosis, fibroids are just a few of the possibilities. With the severity of the pain you're experiencing right now, I would really suggest seeing your doctor now or even going to the emergency room and have this checked. Keep us posted.


Feb 22, 2006
Definitly go and get it checked out! I used to have unimaginably painful cramp so I had to get prescription painkillers (these things literally pack the punch of like 5 tylenol 3s my pain was so bad). Recently I started to get this pain again so I had to go to the ER and I was told it was nothing. Another ER visit and many tests later I find out that recently my blood has just been accumulating in my abdominal cavity and not draining properly.....so yea if I were you I would go and get it checked. Hopefully its nothing serious :biggrin:.


Jan 17, 2006
ArmCandyLuvr said:
I've never experienced anything like that before. Did you ever have this pain before? You might want to schedule an appointment with your gynocologist. Some discomfort is typical, but I don't think you should be hurting to the point of feeling like you're going to pass out. :worried:

TO GET NATURAL IMMEDIATE RELIEF (while the Advil/Tylenol kick in) PUT PRESSURE ON YOUR LOWER BACK....PLACE BOTH HANDS IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR LOWER BACK.....USING YOUR FINGERTIPS MAKE CIRCULAR MOTIONS WHILE ADDING TENSE PRESSURE (pressure point for cramps) you will feel immediate relief, it really works! Learned this in nursing school.


Feb 3, 2006
hey ladies!

Things haved actually really cleared up, I usually get bad cramps but this was really bad. Unfortuntly I'm carless for now ( I left my car back in MA for the semester) and lots of people are out of town right now. It doesn't seem too serious at the moment, so I'm going to wait a little bit unless it gets worse. I appreciate all the concern! I actually just got back from the gym and I feel worlds better. :smile:


En Vogue
Sep 13, 2005
i always have that problem on the first day of my period. usually i swallow 2 painkillers as soon as i feel the slightest discomfort and if that doesn't help i get a hot water bottle. i got used to it, thank god it's only on the first day.


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Jan 4, 2006
I have those sometimes too, and very paranoid as well.I hope you are feeling better and should def. see a Dr if things are not getting better! I take Advil and it always help and don't drink things like coffee and cold stuff, b/c they will only make the pain worst. I heard hot shower and hot drink will help (curl your knees against your chest while sitting up will help too) try rest whenever you can.


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Sep 13, 2005
Well like everyone else has said, it may just be your period having a bad month. But there are other things that may be causing this pain. I have had horrible pain with periods and in between them and I had a pelvic ultra-sound where they found a tumor. It is a benign tumor, so I really can not do much about it, but it was good I had it looked at. It could also be cysts or some other things. Many women experience pain, and most of the time it is within 'normal' limits. I can not function at least 2 days a month because of my tumor, but there really isn't much to be done for it.

Best thing you can do, is make an appt with your Dr. That is what they are there for. Let your Dr decide if you should get an ultra-sound or take some other pain killers for it. Other than that, use a heating pad and take the pain reliever BEFORE the period begins (IB Profin works best- you can take up to 800 mg). Feel better!


Jan 16, 2006
Oh I used to have that every month. Hope you're feeling okay now!! The routine goes like this: our monthly friend pays the visit -->major cramps --> rolls around in bed --> throw up --> diarherra (sorry! :shame: )--> more cramps --> throw up --> roll around in bed some more. I used to stay home, shut all windows in the house (any sort of breeze makes me :sick: ) , take deep breaths and place a hot pack/towel until I drifted into sleep from exhaustion. :sad2:
Jan 12, 2006
Aww, that sounds horrible, Dani. You should definitely ask your doctor about it. Hopefully it was just a freak incident. Luckily, I don't really get cramps. I read a lot and supposedly, the following things help get rid of the pain:

hot bath
heating pad/hot water bottle

I've only tried a heating pad type of thing the few times that I've had cramps. A friend of mine has had pretty good success with using orgasms to get rid them though (she tends to get somewhat bad cramps, poor thing).


Dec 29, 2005
man, I used to get HORRIBLE cramps and I still sometimes do...I seriously drug up on painkillers at the first hint of cramps, and I avoid meat for the 10 days or so before my period...that seemed to help a lot.
Its sporadic now whether or not I have such terrible pain that I just cry in bed all day. I really am hoping that I grow out of it. The gyno offered me Yasmin, but since I'm not sexually active I'm kinda scared of the side effects more than I am of facing a predictable monthly suffering that I'm getting better at controlling...
anyway, definitely call the doc if you start hurting bad again.


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Feb 10, 2006
Even though it's better...you still need to check with a doctor. First thing I thought of was fibroids. I had those and the pain was excruciating but would sometimes get slightly better. Especially when I first developed them. My female parts were cursed. Fibroids. Cervical cancer. Had a hysterectomy (don't miss those periods at all!). Then a few years later had pain again. Tumor on the ovary. I had 24 hours notice that I was having surgery to have my ovaries removed. Instant menopause! Don't mean to scare you but you should always, always get pain checked out. It's your body's way of telling you there is a problem.