Feminine cross body?!

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  1. I'm leaning towards getting a DE Eva but can anyone name any other feminine cross body bags?

  2. I have and love the Eva and recently got the favorite pm. I think both of these bags are feminine.
  3. I like my DE Eva too.
    Now I often wear Bloomsbury as it can fit more.
    And of course I wear my Almas BB crossbody.
  4. Odeon, Bloomsbury and Pochette Metis are very nice crossbody bags....
  5. Forgot to add I'm trying to stick with DE. (Not a fan of the mono...) I thought about the Bloomsbury...Does the PM hold a significant amt? More than the Eva?
  6. bloomsbury, huxton, de eva, de favorite? personally i love my bloomsbury and de speedy b 25 for crossbody in the de print.
  7. The Alma bb is a cute cross body. I think the Eva clutch is just as cute too. It sure is hard to decide.
  8. I'm thinking the Eva at this point...Does anyone have the Pochette NM? I wonder if that holds as much as the Eva?
  9. Go for the Eva, it is very nice and versatile.
    If it weren't for the price I would've bought one. I can still remember when it was first release it was less than 500 USD ... I really regret not buying it then
  10. De eva is a good choice, It will be my next purchase! I want to get it before it cost anymore $ Then i won't be able to justify the price for a small bag.
    Also another would be alma bb de. Can fit a bit more than the eva
  11. Just like you I adore and prefer the Damier Ebenes as well... I'm also planning of buying a new bag before the price increase here and that is on Feb. 26.
    Eva or Bloomsbury would be great.
  12. The Bloomsbury will hold quite a bit more than the Eva, but it's a totally different look. I think Eva can be used for more dressy events. Bloomsbury is more casual, IMO. The Favorite might be a good one to consider too. I think it can go dressy or casual, more like the Eva. Good luck deciding.
  13. Hmmm The Favorite PM in DE is awfully tempting! As it turns out i'm not much of fan of the plate on the Eva...Sigh.
  14. The Monceau BB in vernis!
  15. favorite, if you wait tip march, they'll be releasing the da favorite