Female mid life crisis?

  1. Ok, so it is cliche for a man to have a mid life crisis, but can a women have one?

    Something is going on with me, and I am not sure what it is...I am usually up! Up! Up! The cheery one, the 'together' one, the caretaker, but suddenly I feel off, not myself.

    Everything with the family and DH is fine, everyone is happy and healthy. I have my 'side' work and volunteer work to keep my busy. I have nice friends IRL, and friends on tPF. I have a nice home, clothes, shoes and bags...travel, fun and excitement

    Really nothing is 'wrong'....so why do I feel like something is missing? Why do I feel lonely? And it's a vicious cycle...because I feel that way and then feel guilty for feeling that way...they are so many people that have 'real ' problems.

    Maybe it's just my birthday coming up? Has anyone else felt this way? What did you do to 'shake' it?

  2. I was going to ask whether you have a birthday soon. Certain ages can cause that feeling. I freaked at 30. Nice home, career, spouse etc. etc. There were some goals that had not met, but mostly it meant the end of my twenties, and the start of a new time in my life. A place I was not ready for.
  3. I believe that it should you find most hobby!:okay:
  4. If you are having more than one of these per hour, that is not normal and could be a problem.
  5. I was reading your post and I find it to be exactally how I feel everyday.. I however and only 25 years old, I have a great husband, Good friends/family, Nice new house we just built, Good jobs, no financial stress.. I just dont know why I feel this way, I have felt this way for a couple of years now though and my doctor prescribed me lexapro for it and its helped some but I still feel this way. Im not suggesting we both feel the same way for the same reason but I do feel exactally the way you described. I keep thinking maybe its Children that we are missing but Im to scared to being a child into my life with me feeling this way.. I dunno :shrugs: what if it didnt help?
  6. I think we all go through periods like this. Sometimes it's hormonal and corrects itself after a few days. If this empty feeling continues for more than a couple of weeks I would consider seeing a doctor. So many treatable things could be causing this....thyroid, anemia, depression...

    Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon.
  7. Many women I know had this kind of feeling when nearing menopause. It's likely some sort of physical factor causing an impact on your emotions.
  8. Thanks everyone. I appreciate everyones responses. It does help.
  9. Oh Tink, I hear you!! I just had my big b-day and I was so ready to welcome it and blah blah blah. But as you probably know it's been a royally sh*tty summer...birthday in May, broke up with BF in June and lost job in June. POOF!

    I don't know if this is a midlife crisis or not but it's been a huge wakeup call that my life needed to change radically even if I didn't think so, ha! I'm in healing mode and despite the ups and downs I AM an eternal optimist and I know I will move forward and keep on growing and healing.

    OR...maybe it's just hormones, LOL!!
  10. ...I will add on a more serious note that there is no reason to feel guilty about how you feel. You appreciate the blessings and gifts in your life but that doesn't mean you won't have the blues occasionally.

    It may be a signal it's time to reassess what's going on in your life and that a few things need to change or are going to change (to get even better!) What's helped me is reaching out for support from my other 40-something friends...and a lot of exercise and journaling.

    If you find the things that normally bring you joy in life don't bring you that joy that may be a symptom of depression and it's a good idea to discuss with a counselor you are comfortable with. Or it just may be a brief sadder cycle you just need to ride out.

    Hugs, Tink!!
  11. I know how you feel I posted last week that I feel grumpy & I can't shake it I have nothing to feel grumpy about but there it is, and then like you say you feel bad for being off. I'll be keeping an eye in here for suggestions but I'm taking steps I contacted some old friends for a get together, why not do the same have a dinner party or all go out for a meal?
  12. Hey Tink,

    i think milestone birthdays play a role.... it might be something more serious like others have said if you feel this way often....

    While everything is perfect by conventional means, just because that is the case doesn't make a person happy. SO, just because things are perfect doesn't mean that something isn't missing from your life which could be why you feel this way.

    Do you feel like you're doing enough things to for yourself to further YOUR interests and to take care of yourself? I mean it sounds to me like you do have things going on in your own life with the new gig over the summer and all but it's worth a thought ...

    hope you feel better soon. :flowers: HUGS :heart: bubbles
  13. You might be a gal who gets menopause early. Your symptoms sound so like the ones I am experiencing now that I am in the middle of menopause.

    Lucky you - your periods will end sooner.

    Go to the doctor and have a blood lab test. That will give you lots of info.

    Good luck!
  14. You are not alone! I am turning 35 and have those exact feelings sometimes. I always assumed it was a normal reaction to getting older. I agree that the milestone birthday also has alot to do with it too.
  15. If it's any consolation, I think I'm going through one right now too. I had 2 recent negative experiences at work and I just woke up one day and decided I needed a change. I'm changing jobs, I'm losing weight (via weightwatchers) and I'm going to chop off my hair soon. I'm also having a much harder time focusing on things. My mind is wandering more and more. And I'm not as passionate about the same things. Some of the stuff that I used to obsess over, no longer seem that interesting.

    I'd like to think of it as entering a new phase of life but I guess it's really just a mid-life crisis. My birthday is not for sometime and it's not a milestone birthday.