Female mag (S'pore) with Birkins

  1. The May 2007 issue of Female magazine has a feature on Ms Audrey Tay-Ong and she's pictured with 5 Birkins and 1 croc kelly. It's on page 120. I don't have access to a scanner, so I took pics with my cam instead. I hope it turns out ok.

    And now, trying out my limited Hermes knowledge...
    I see Black croc Birkin, black chevre (looks like to me) Birkin, white Birkin (I don't exactly know what the material is called - the bottom part is some fabric? of sorts :shrugs:), orange Ostrich Birkin, orange Birkin (cannot tell the material cos the bag is obscured) and a brown croc Mini kelly (at least I think it's the Mini). I hope i got that right!
    CIMG2126.jpg CIMG2127.jpg
  2. wow! She has some very lovely H bags! And I see she's a fan of bolduc twillys too! :heart:

    Thanks for posting the pics, pyrexia! :flowers:

    p.s. Her croc birkin looks a lot like havanne! yum yum!
  3. Gorgeous, thank you for posting!
  4. Yummmmm-O!! :nuts: Thanks for the great pics and article tip, pyrexia!

    Does the article say they're hers or are they props, I wonder?
  5. wow! the bags are really nice! Thanks for posting!

    I see a croc kelly JPG :heart: Orange Ostrich Birkin 30? Orange Birkin 30? (behind the ostrich) White Toile Birkin 35? Black Birkin (looks like Fjord or Togo) 30 and a Croc Birkin 25? (looks like dark brown) .. I not familar with croc colors. :shame:

    I am going to get that magazine tomorrow!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Katel: I am reading the first picture, she says if she see something she likes, she buys in bulk, it saves her time in long run. The article says "Multiple Buying" so, I think those are hers ... and I am not too sure if she bought them all at once - in bulk :p

    pyrexia: Your camera is superb good,,, I can read the article :nuts: Thanks :flowers:
  7. WOW!

    Her Les Cles twillys are so unique in colour. An indication of what Paris has?? :graucho:

    My guess of the H bags she has (oh this guessing game is all so fun)

    1) 35cm Orange (leather unknown) Birkin
    2) 35cm Gold Ostrich Birkin
    3) Rouge H matt nilo croc Kelly Pouchette
    4) 35cm Black Evergrain Birkin
    5) 40cm White Toile Birkin (obvious in the 1st photo but not the 2nd one)
    6) 30cm Harvane Matt Nilo Croc Birkin

    What are your guesses??? :graucho:
  8. In case you are wondering who this lady is, she's the daughter of the Chairman & Vice Chairman of The Hour Glass, a very renowned luxury watch distributor in SG. Basically, it's a family run business.

  9. pyrexia, how may we help to make you a H convert? :graucho: I'm sending you loads of orange vibes!
  10. On second thought, her matt croc birkin in front could be chocolate nilo. Harvane is reddish.
    Or is that ebene nilo? Does anyone know the name of the brown in croc? Looks like I need to check the swatch to know this one ..
  11. mrsS: It seems to be pretty dark, I am leaning towards ebene, on first glance it may be mistaken for black.. and also considering the other bags color seems to be "true" (from my screen anyway).. :biggrin:

    yup, it's fun playing guessing..
  12. Wow...gorgeous. Thanks for posting.
  13. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting!!
  14. ^^I also love her shoes, I think these are the same ones VB wore with her etoup JPG birkin? What are they?

    Thanks for the pics, pyrexia...
    BTW, the fabric is called toile, which is a woven canvas type material, as is used in fire hoses. Very sturdy!!
  15. Thanks for the great pictures Pyrexia. Her collection is fabulous!!

    Can you tell me what the sandals pictured are?? They look fun for summer.