Female dog who "humps"

  1. Is it just because she's in heat? I googled this and found out it's quite common, and it's the female's way of "displaying dominance". Which I think is a bunch of crap.

    She gets great pleasure by rubbing herself against things...:push:Really, she enjoys it the way a male dog would. Eww. If I spay her will she stop? Because if she feels good rubbing herself, then how will spaying stop it?

    And if this happens because she's in heat, why doesn't she let male dogs mount her? I have introduced her to male dogs and she snaps at them when they get on top of her. She doesn't know she's a girl? :wtf:

    She is constantly whining and crying, always trying to force me into giving her my leg and she follows the cat around too, crying the whole time. The cat is powerless when he's sleeping, so that's when she gets on him...it's unbelievable.:roflmfao:

    I am confused.
  2. One of my female dogs is nine years old and was spayed as a puppy. She does this all the time, though, and it would be impossible for her to be in heat. The vet said that some female dogs do "it" with certain favorite things such as a blanket or stuffed animal. But, for some reason, she's not at all selective. My DH gets really upset by this and it does bug me too, but the vet didn't have any answers and said it wasn't hurting her.
  3. lol. I had a female pomeranian(who was spayed), and she used to "have her way" with a teddy bear all the time!! We couldn't stop her either, she would growl and bite if we tried take it from her while she humped it. We threw that bear away, but she would just find other things to get it on with.
  4. My dog with this "issue" is a Keeshond. As I understand it, they are a larger dog than a Pomeranian, but from the same family, if that makes any sense!
  5. :lol: My parents female Mini Pinscher humps their male Yorkie every now and then. It drives my parents crazy when she does that.
  6. I have a female pug who sometimes tries to hump my male pug. She has even tried to hump me once! She was sitting on my lap on the couch and then I noticed her butt wiggling about in that motion. I was shocked. She is fixed and everything. My DH told me she is just trying to show who is boss.
  7. There is only a certain time in the heat cycle that a female will "accept" a male....any other time is unnacceptable
  8. My female dog does it.. but only to her son....:push:
  9. It is a gesture of dominance, its the ***** trying to establish her authority, if its a toy its because she lives alone without another member of her pack.

    A ***** in season is will only "stand" for a dog when she is ovulating, and she will not stand for just any dog, pls remember they still have the instincts of the wolf.

    Also why do you want a litter from her, there are so many unwanted lovely dogs around.
  10. most females do not hump. that is why female puppies typically cost more and are more "desirable" for pet, as compared to their male counterparts. However, most people do not know that female dog humpings are quite common! i do believe that spaying before 6 months of age helps, tremendously. other than spaying,there is really not much you can do. a lot of these "traits" also depend on good breeding (from reputable show breeders who know their lines and try to breed to "better" the breed), as well as the dog's breed.

    with that said, i dont know why you would introduce her to a male dog? are you a reputable show breeder? please do no attempt to breed dogs on your own. there are sooo many lovely doggies in shelters that need loving, forever homes. irresponsible or amateur breeding can lead to so many problems and really, it is quite selfish of the humans to breed their females..simply, bc they can. it is very inhumane and irresponsible. if she is your pet,please have her spayed.

    for more information regarding spaying and irresponsible breeding + puppy mills, please go to akc.org website and the US humane soceity website.

    good luck w/ your dog!
  11. my 1 yr old puppy humps her "teddy bear" everyday. she is like a rock star...:roflmfao: she knocks her head down the floor and make reaally big noise. and also drag around the house....we were shocked
    i dont know what to do....
    but it is really:devil:
  12. I had a Pekingese that would hump my German Shep all the time. The vet said exactly what you have read, she is establishing dominance over him and it would work. He would eat his food after she ate hers, he would stay away from me when she was on my lap etc.
  13. My female dog would do this. Sometimes to my leg, sometimes to my other dog. Trust me she was not in any way dominant. She just wanted to get her groove on. When I would push her off of me, she would still be humping the air. Then I got her a stuffed animal that looked like my other dog and it saved my leg and my other dog from shame. LOL
  14. My BullMastiff does this with random things. There's this cushion from our old couch that she plays with and she will take it in the backyard and just go over and hump it and then get back to whatever she was doing like she just had to get it our of her system or something... :push:
  15. hahahahha Im sorry, I had to laugh!

    I remember one day I was sitting on the bed and Mariah(little black dog in my sig) was next to me, all of a sudden she locked onto my arm and started humping my arm! She wouldnt let go!! Everytime I peeled her away, she would jump right back on lmao!

    Just the other day Princess tried to mount Mariah lmfao! I have 2 lesbian dogs:nuts:

    So, yea...its pretty common! lol