Felt like an Hermes kind of day

  1. This morning DH asked what I wanted to do today. I was feeling lazy, so I said "Nothing in particular".. So he said "How about Hermes?"

    Picture me :cool: , trying not to seem eager, "Sure, okay"

    When we arrived, everyone (employees, clients) from all the stores in the complex (LV, Gucci, Tiffany, Hermes, etc) plus lots of police were outside. Turns out someone called in some kind of threat to LV. So, after a bit of a delay came the "all clear", everyone was able to go back into the stores.

    DH got a pair of pants, I bought a mousseline blue shawl, "Naissance d une Idee" and Hiris shower mousse. (So, Priscilla, if you read this, you know who I am).

    There was a tri-color ostrich Birkin. Interesting, but I didn't really care for it. What really caught my eye was the luggage. One was in the Bolide design (chocolate) and one in a souple Kelly design (black). Really fabulous for carry-ons.
  2. Venezia....pics please of your shawl! I'd love to see....sounds like you had a fun day with DH!
  3. It sounds like you had an enjoyable trip to Hermes! Congrats on your shawl! I'd love to see pics!
  4. Sounds like a nice time and a sweet husband!!
  5. I use to love to go shopping with my husband when we had the free time. Thank you for sharing.
  6. That is so sweet of your husband!

    I can't wait to see pics of your new shawl! The mousseline silk is really amazing, especially now in spring/summer.
  7. Wow, you have a strong will power to resist that tri-color Birkin. I would fall all over it!!! I want that tri-color ostrich Birkin!!! Do you know the size of it and combination of colors?
  8. Venezia, I can't think of a better way to spend the day! Please show us a pic of your new shawl!!
  9. Congrats! You obviously went to the Vienna, VA, store since you said Priscilla is your SA. She's the one I deal with there, but I don't live in the area. Post pics when you can.
  10. DH has promised to take a photo of me wearing the shawl tomorrow.
  11. Wow! Oh how I want a 47 bolide in brown togo and a kelly breifcase in brown box! You're killing me!
  12. What color is the tri-color ostrich?

  13. The tri-color Birkin was probably a 35 in red, orange, and maybe cognac

    Here's the shawl. The color in the photo with me wearing it is the more accurate color. I had trouble getting good color on it fully open--because it's so sheer, the background color affects it.
    CIMG0541.JPG CIMG0545.JPG
  14. Love your shawl venezia!! Love it with jeans and a white tee - casual and simple!! You have great taste.
  15. So beautiful!