Fellow T-Mobile Posse Members, Am I the last to know this?

  1. Today, Mr Puff's phone appeared to curl up its toes and die, so I called Customer Service. (It's our own little division of labor, he drives, I call.)

    I spoke to a very nice lady who asked "Do you know how often he power cycles?"

    I replied rather primly that I did not see what Mr Puff's exercise habits had to do with anything, I just want his phone to Return to Life.

    The very nice lady patiently explained to me that "power cycle" in this context, refers to the practice of turning one's phone off for 30 seconds, and it is recommended that this be done once every 24 hours. It will, she said, Improve Everything, including dropped calls.

    Well, we have not had a problem with dropped calls, knock wood, but I am totally in favor of Improving Everything, and sure enough, when I power cycled Mr Puff's phone, it leaped joyfully back into the land ofthe living, and I immediately power cycled my own phone, because in addition to Improving Everything, the nice lady said that power cycling will prevent phone death, or at least the apparent phone death like Mr Puff had.

    Because I have called Customer Service every time there has been a problem, which is only about 3 times in 2 years, and this was the first I had heard of power cycling, I wonder if it is a new thing, or if the people I talked to before just figured everybody knew about it.

    So in case I am right, and it is a new thing, if you have T-Mobile, be sure to power cycle once every 24 hours.

    Or am I wrong, and we are the only people on earth who did not know about this?
  2. I am a bit confused, until this day, you and your husband have never turned off your mobile phones?
  3. I dont have Tmobile, I have Cingular. But I bet it would do wonders for our phones also. Hmmm. I dont ever turn off my phone:shame:
  4. I dont have T-Mobile(Thank God,but since my parents are cutting off my cellphone due to overages everymonth,im probably going to go back)..Whenever you leave something on for a long time,it has a lower life span. Its something common in the cell phone world.
  5. I was told the same thing when I complained of dropped calls. Honestly though, I don't do it.
  6. Never heard of it either. I have AT&T, but I'm sure it makes sense overall to do that.
  7. I have tmobile and I do it every2-3 days..
  8. I am not on T mobile but after having a problem with my phone some time ago it was explained to me that when you travel through areas with different network that can sometimes linger & disrupt your connections so you should turn off after going out of coverage with your own network. I never remember to di it but will do right now :smile:
  9. I must be weirdo, because I don't leave my cellphone on all the time like that. I turn it off when I am at home. I only have it on when I am out.
  10. I also have T-Mobile, and I have never heard of power cycling. I also leave my cellphone on constantly, except when I go to a place that requires me to turn it off.

    I did find out, however, that the phone will not reset to daylight savings time unless I turn it off and then turn it on again.
  11. Well I must be a complete weirdo then, because I turn off my mobile phone every night before I go to sleep.
  12. im with T-Mobile...
    one day no kind of incoming calls were coming thru my phone so i called them...the nice lady said that i should turn it off every day for about 15 seconds...so now i just turn it off every night.
  13. I think my husbands phone(s) died from over usage and being on or charging all the time. We are on our 5th phone in 2 years, 2nd for this model and he doesn't power down often, I think only on a plane, but recharges when it's dead and it is in different cell area/city every other week. So no never heard of power cycles and they haven't told us but they replace the phone every time it has kicked the bucket. Although Tmobile customer service is some of the best I have ever received.
  14. I'll fly the Weirdo flag with ya, W-R! I do this too.
  15. here here! I have worked in the Helpdesk/call center business since 1994 and I have seen/heard it all, good, bad and really really ugly. TMO is top notch.

    And...I'll take it a step further and pull back the curtain...the job I had earlier this year where I was traveling a lot was...a contract project management job at the big "T." I've seen several of their call centers. They treat their reps VERY well. I was blown away and impressed.